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Karma Singh. 4th April 2015

Samuel Hahnemann showed clearly in the early 19th century not only that chemically based medicine is much less effective than informationally based but also that the deleterious (and in many cases lethal) “side effects” just simply do not happen. Nonetheless, it is still chemically based medicine, with all its problems, which dominates public health care.

At Hahnemann’s time, it was not known why informationally based medicine works so much better but it certainly works, i.e. it is empirical not theoretical knowledge - “it works but we don’t know why.”

Modern Quantum Biophysics shows us quite clearly why Hahnemann’s discoveries work. This has brought the pharmaceutical manufacturers into a state of near panic: Were public health care to become science based rather than based upon the marketing requirements of the pharmaceutical conglomerate then almost all of their massive wealth and power would just disappear.

The interview with Prof. Bruce Lipton on the Placebo page on this website goes into this in much more detail.

As scientific investigation would, almost without exception, lead unerringly to the widespread application of non-pharmaceutical methodologies, this route, i.e. showing themselves to be better than the alternatives, is completely closed to the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Their recourse has been to invest large sums of money in black propaganda against those whom they fear:

  • • Homeopathy is “bad” because it fails all tests for the presence of pharmaceuticals and other dangerous chemicals: Their outdated Newtonian model tells them that if no chemicals are present there can be no effect. It is, therefore, perfectly justified to refuse to look at the efficacy of homoeopathy - because it has been proven that no chemicals are present, evidence of effectiveness is clearly inadmissible.
    • Energy medicine, although in widespread use by the US military, is dismissed as “hokum”.
    • Although one of the most expensive scientific studies ever undertaken in the field of human biology shows irrefutably that genes decide nothing at all and are, in fact, merely a passive database, it is still preached to you that your genes are responsible for your ills and there is nothing that you can do about it.
    • The financing and promoting of “public interest groups” to promote the interests of the pharmaceuticals and savagely attack everything else without once resorting to anything resembling scientific evidence. One of the more prominent such paid hate groups in the UK calls itself “The Nightingale Collaboration”.
    • Paying to have health related articles in Wikipedia and the like heavily slanted in their favour.
    • Creating trumped up criminal charges against those who successfully treat “incurable diseases”.
    • and much, much more. The list goes on and on.

    Lacking both the massive financial resources of the pharmaceuticals and their widespread international control structures, it has been difficult for those proffering the truth to be heard.
This website is aimed, somewhat, at redressing the balance.