Quantum Possibilities - the 'Flu

Influenza is one of the most widespread minor ailments, across a wide variety of creatures, upon this planet.

Contrary to what you may well have been taught, it is not a disease at all but, just like the “common cold” a natural self-healing process.

Possibly the biggest money spinner of all for the pharmaceutical cartel is the sale of so called vaccines to prevent the flu but which, statistically speaking, significantly increase your likelihood of becoming ill.

When you read the list of contents and look up what they actually are and do to the human body, becoming ill from the vaccine is not at all surprising. Add to this, the admission on the information leaflet delivered with the vaccine, that the medication has neither been safety tested nor tested for efficacy with humans and you, naturally, ask why the……… am I and my children being given this?
Well, the answer is because it makes lots of money for the pharmaceutical manufacturers which enables them to pay bribes to regulatory bodies such as the American Center for Disease Control as these bombshell disclosures in 2014 makes abundantly clear.

The other reason for selecting influenza to demonstrate this type of problem is that there is a complete book going into both causes and solutions in great detail. It is called “The Flu Fairy Tale” and can be downloaded here.