Quantum Possibilities - disease Genes

Despite the results of the Human Genome Project, Epigenetics and Quantum Biophysics, i.e. in the face of all the irrefutable evidence, the medico-pharmaceutical industry not only clings to but actively preaches the doctrine of genetically induced illness. Almost daily we hear horror stories of medical mutilation perpetrated “to prevent disease”. Do you remember Angelina Jolie? Doctors conned her into paying thousands to have both breasts surgically removed as a method of preventing breast cancer. This is on a par with having your brain surgically removed in order to prevent doubt.

It is totally clear from Epigenetics alone that genes do not and cannot cause any disease. Add to this the knowledge of the causational structures of biological events gleaned from Quantum Biophysics and then the bombshell from the Human Genome Project which shows that more than 90% of the genes which would be necessary to lend support to the theory of genes causing disease simply do not exist and we see that the postulate preached by the medico-pharmaceutical industry lies on very shaky ground indeed.

Epigenetics shows us that the genes are a passive database. When your cells need to make a new protein, they open the data base, copy the chosen genes and then close the data base again. The copied gene will then be modified by the intelligence in your cells to make a new protein specifically tailored to give the optimal response to a new event coming from outside the cell. A human cell can create more than one thousand different proteins from a single gene copy. See “The Biology of Belief” from Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD.

Quantum Biophysics shows us that it is intelligent energy or intelligence guiding energy which creates matter and determines what that matter will experience. Matter does not and cannot cause events because its frequency, speed of movement and freely available energy are all much too low to enable this.

The Human Genome Project shows that, of the 214,000 genes which would be necessary to lend some support to the theory of disease genes, less than ten percent actually exist.

It is simple statistics which put the final nail into the coffin of the theory of genetic causes of disease. The answers to two simple questions tell it all:

1) Do all people whose body has a specific so called “disease gene” actually become ill? The answer is that a very low percentage produce the predicted illness.

2) Do all the people who develop a specific illness have the related gene? Here, the percentage is higher but still well the below 100% needed to justify the theory.

Genes do NOT cause disease. Q.E.D.