Quantum Possibilities - Incurable Disease

There is, actually, no such thing as an Incurable disease!

All that this term means is that pharmaceutical medicine can offer no help whatsoever and you’re going to die (according to them, anyway.)

Is there a good reason why you should?

As with “chronic diseases” this term just means that you need to seek help elsewhere.
Some solutions are to be found here, a few more here and even more here.

Please always bear in mind two things:

Allopathic, pharmaceutical, conventional (call it what you will) medicine has its area of competence. This is in the treatment of wounds and broken bones. This is actually its origin - the roman military first aid units - see this free download for more details.
The expansion of allopathic medicine into areas where it has no competence is the direct cause of the massive costs and declining health of First World countries, especially the UK & USA.

Even the “superbug” MRSA created by the constant usage of anti-biotics by pharmaceutical medicine can be brought under control with a thousand year old Anglo-Saxon remedy discovered in The British Library. You can read an article about in in New Scientist here.