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Quantum Possibilities - Cancer

At the previous turn of the century, around 1900, cancer was such a rare phenomenon that a general practitioner could expect to see three cases during his entire career. It was so rare that medical students at that time would be recalled from their holidays if the professor had a case of cancer to show them.

By the 1930’s it was already a major health problem understood by no-one and a great deal of money was being made in offering “magical cures”. This latter was such a problem that a law was passed “The Cancer Act 1935” prohibiting anyone from advertising cures for cancer. Although the greater part of the act has since been repealed, it is still used by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and their stool pigeons to suppress public access to information on effective treatments.
Why? You might well ask.

Cancer is one of the three big money spinners for allopathic medicine. Each cancer death earns the medico-pharmaceutical industry from £20,000 to £45,000 dependent upon the country of the sufferer. Healing cancer could never cost more than £3,000 and, mostly, only a few hundreds, none of which would go to the pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Again, modern allopathic medicine is not about health, it’s about making lots of money for the pharmaceutical manufacturers from a sickness industry.

When dealing with Cancer, as many healers do, the biggest problem is the fear of the tumours generated by conventional medicine because of their miserable success rate of very much less than 10%. Removing the fear has been the bugabear for many of us for the patient needs to concentrate in peace upon the necessary changes to their life-style in order to remove the CAUSES of their cancer.
Unfortunately, with methods to date, the life-style changes have to be made before your body will dissolve the cancers.

Just three days before launching this website on the 4th of April 2015, I was introduced to an amazing seeming technology which has a track record of dissolving cancers. The effectivity of this machine is around the 97% mark, the tumours simply disappearing over a few weeks. This, then, leaves the therapist and patient free to concentrate upon the necessary changes in order to ensure that the cancers do not repeat.

I cannot, at this time, give full details of this technology - I simply do not, yet, have sufficient myself. As soon as I do have it, full details will be added here. Join our newsletter to receive notification.

There are many good healers who have developed effective methods of dealing with cancer. Many have, completely independently of each other, developed almost exactly the same methodology. We all have success rates in the high 90%. My own E-book, “Cancer? So what?”, featured in a BBC television broadcast, can be downloaded here.