Quantum Possibilities

Quantum Possibilities - what is Disease truly?

Disease, should, actually, have an hyphen in it; dis-ease. This shows much more clearly what it truly means. It is something which is yours and yours alone. It is your discomfort, your unhappiness, your tiredness, your pain, etc., etc. Dis-ease is not and can never be something which happens to you but is always your own, personal, opportunity to learn more about yourself and your abilities. It is purely for the financial benefit of the pharmaceutical cartel that you have been otherwise indoctrinated.

Understanding what is really going on is that which puts you firmly back in the driving seat of your life: You are not a helpless victim of random attacks from which you need a knight with shining syringe to rescue you.

Epigenetics teaches us that there is no way that something from outside of yourself could ever make you ill.
Quantum Biophysics shows us the exact mechanism of dis-ease creation.

To be truly free from dis-ease, all you need to do is to identify the CAUSE of your problem and then to take appropriate action to remove it.
Let us take a typical example:

Psoriasis (actually the greek word for itchy skin) is a very common complaint in countries having a high consumption of cow dairy produce, i.e. milk, cheese, cream, whey, butter, yoghourt etc.

The milk from a cow is produced to provide optimal nutrition for a baby cow, a calf. Amongst other essential constituents of cow’s milk is an enzyme to restrict brain development: A calf is born with its brain almost fully developed. What it needs is rapid build-up of muscle tissue to enable it to run with the herd.

Human milk is exactly the opposite - this is directed towards the rapid growth of the brain and muscle enabling independent movement comes many months later.
This is why babies fed on cow’s milk appear torpid compared to those who get proper nutrition. In point of fact, the only similarity between human and cow’s milk is the word “milk” itself, nothing more.

This said, milk is nutrition for a baby! The human body ceases to produce the enzymes needed to digest milk at around 3 years of age.

Consuming cow dairy puts an enormous strain upon the human biological system, often necessitating the use one of the many emergency detoxification systems built into the human body. One of these is to push the (to humans) poisonous cow dairy residues out through the skin. This makes the skin itch and scratching causes the poisonous residues to flake off.

Medicine will give you the synthetic stress hormone, cortisone, which suppresses the metabolism and causes the accumulation of the cow toxins in the intestines where you don’t notice them for some time until you are suddenly very ill.
Resolving the problem by telling you to stop consuming cow dairy produce earns the pharmaceutical manufacturers nothing at all so they don’t tell you.

In order to prevent such simple solutions being applied, nutrition is, in most medical schools, not even once mentioned!

It is a certain fact that at least 40% of all health issues would be resolved by correcting the diet. Some claim that this is as high as 70%!
Hippocrates was certainly of this opinion; his oft repeated teachings were, “Whatever the father of your illness may be, the mother is your diet” and, to his students, “Whenever someone comes to you with an illness, ask first about their diet.”

An open source of information about this is the Kushi Institute and, in the UK, “The Macrobiotic Guide”. Macrobiotics is a term which was also used by Hippocrates and means, simply, “nutrition appropriate to the digestive and metabolic systems of that creature.” You can download a free introductory guide to human appropriate nutrition here.