Quantum Possibilities

Quantum Possibilities - articles to download and distribute

Here is a selection of articles which I have written on a variety of (mostly) health related issues.

You may download them and distribute them wherever you will provided that they are not in any way re-edited and that the contact and resource links to my websites are included.

I will add more as time permits so please keep coming back to check for new ones or join the newsletter and receive notifications as soon as new items are online.

All articles are in .pdf format and, mostly, under 100 kb. One peculiar thing which I have noticed is that, if you open the .pdf file in a browser then the links to other websites etc. (mostly) don't work. If, however, you download the file to your computer then the self same link will, usually, take you directly to the intended webpage where the information which I have receommended is to be found. If there is a "geek" out there who would like to tell us why this is and what to do about it then I would be very interested to hear from you.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Anger, Liver Damage and Heart Rhythm Fluctuations 54 kb

Being a Hero(ine) 49 kb

Being you (handbook, 21 pages) 166 kb

Healing Natural Wealth 50 kb

Infectious Disease Pseudo-science 44 kb

Left and Right Press 47 kb

Measles 44 kb

Peace in our Time 66 kb

Stock Market Bubble 71 kb

What are the Odds? 55 kb