Quantum Possibilities

Quantum Possibilities - the Human Body as a localised Energy Storm

In each second of time, billions of elementary particles are coalesced out of free energy into your body and billions of elementary particles transformed back into free energy. Every minute, your body throws off millions of used up cells and creates millions of new ones. In an ordered programme, each organ of your body is completely replaced over periods ranging from a few days (the lining of the intestines) to more than two years (the major bones). There is now, at this minute, no cell in your body which was there three years ago. “Why does it look more than three years old then?” you may ask. This is currently “work in progress” and only some indications can be given.

The ever changing human body gives rise to an opportunity to make completely non-invasive micro-corrections which lead to the return to optimal organ function. The prime example of this, is the Harmony United Technology - a completely passive technology which can neither add anything to nor remove anything from your body. Through a process of natural resonance and Quantum Ordering it re-creates optimal system coherence; this, simply expressed, means that, instead of a scattered or disordered energy flow which will, often, lead to system malfunction, the energy flows are so ordered that neither scattering takes place nor is it possible for perturbing energies to intrude themselves into the system. These two sketches show the comparative states.

These sketches demonstrate the flows of information through chaotic and ordered systems. The diagram on the left shows the state typical for our "western world" and that on the right, the state following correction by the Harmony Technology.

In the coherent state, on the right, a system is at its maximal potency and will naturally eject any perturbances which have previously crept in. This often has the effect that many so-called “incurable diseases” simply disappear. It is not so that the Harmony United Technology has any sort of healing or curative properties; it is simply that, by returning the natural potency to your body, your body then throws off these maladies through its own natural abilities.

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