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Quantum Possibilities - hereditary Diseases

Although there is some little evidence that hereditary diseases do actually exist, this is little more than anecdotal, vague and often contradictory.

The classical example of this is haemophilia - a disease whereby, due to the non-production of certain necessary blood constituents, the blood does not clot and even a minor graze can result in the sufferer bleeding to death. The Russian Romanov Czar family is often cited as an example of haemophilia. Problems arise, however, when we see that it only affects male family members and only some of those. There has never been any reasonable explanation for this randomness proffered.

It appears that the disease is always potentially present but what actually triggers it is, medically speaking, a complete unknown.

In my 30 years practise as a professional healer I have had many patients come to me with the medical diagnosis “hereditary ….” something or other. In only one case did I concur with the diagnosis and, given my present knowledge, I now doubt even that one most strongly.

What all these many cases did show was not some malign gene making the sufferer a helpless victim of their ancestors but learned, destructive habits passed on by example from one generation to the next. In almost all cases it was possible to guide the sufferer to delete the destructive habits and beliefs from their mind and their life-style and, thereby, to, at last, enjoy living and being themselves.

There are many ways of doing this, some of which require specialist help and training. The one which can be used by anyone in total safety and with a success rate so high that the manufacturers give a full money back satisfaction guarantee is the Headphone Set from the Harmony United Technology. It is, incidentally, also the cheapest of the available options!