Quantum Possibilities

Quantum Possibilities - Quantum Physics and Human Immunity to disease

So, what actually is necessary for your immunity to disease to be fully functional?

There are a number of factors which need to be taken into consideration. None of these has anything to do with allopathic medicine.

Firstly, there is your nutrition: If there are serious nutritional deficiencies then none of your body’s systems will be able to work properly. The better your diet, the better your health, including your immune system, will be. Over the last 115 years, significant improvements have been made to the general diet in very many countries (but by no means all). This has brought about reductions of 50% and more in many previously common diseases. Some have even completely disappeared.

Despite this, there is still a long way to go; ideal human nutrition looks very different to the typical First World diet as you can see from this rough guide which you can download here. People who use macrobiotic or Chinese 5 element dietary principles are not only much healthier than their contemporaries but often more intelligent as well! (Your brain also works better when it gets the nutrition it needs.) Diseases such as obesity are also expressions of under nutrition! This website tells you all about that problem.

Then, there is peace and harmony. If your body is under stress then, as Prof. Lipton shows in his forward to “The ‘Flu Fairy Tale” as well as his own books, your immunity will be switched off by your own body in order to conserve energy for fight or flight.

Combine these two and take them to extremes and we get something like the Black Death of 1341 -1343 in Europe and the symptomatically identical Ebola in present day West Equatorial Africa. This Video goes into this in some detail.

Stress can become a habit! Many environmental factors, such as electro smog, will also produce stress like symptoms. Traditional methods such as yoga, meditation and chi quong are all quite effective in overcoming these problems and restoring natural balance. They do, however, require daily practice and the time to do so.
The Harmony Technology will bring similar benefits whilst you proceed with your normal day. Simply by wearing it, habitual self-made stress will gradually evaporate and electro smog as well as many similar external perturbations will be taken out of resonance with your body and no longer affect you.
You can read all about this in this download handbook. There are also a few printed copies of this handbook still available. They can be obtained by sending a large (C.4) stamped addressed envelope to:
Harmony United Ltd,
Paddock House,
DT2 8RH.