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Ideal for temperate climate zones.

Hippocrates’s oft repeated, “Whatever the father of your illness may be, the mother is your diet” bears close, scientific study. This is, in fact, what one biologist from Belgium, Hubert Descamps, has done. His book, “Hippocrates hatte Recht” is a detailed biochemical explanation of exactly how foodstuffs inappropriate for the human body cause illness. Unfortunately, this book appears to be available only in the French original and german translation.

Macrobiotics can also be traced back to Hippocrates. It is the science of studying what a particular creature has evolved (or was created) to use as foodstuffs and to, then, give it exactly that and nothing else. Some creatures are extremely specialised. There is, for example, one species of moth which can only digest the leaves of the mulberry tree. Although the human body can use a wide variety of foodstuffs, its digestive and metabolic systems are designed to, primarily, use grains and vegetables.
I do know that Dr. Mercola is dead against all grains but here he fallen foul of the trap of over-simplification.

Wheat is a highly cultured grain having a chromosome structure inimical to the human body. It is, however, much favoured by the factory farming industry because it can be very readily grown with synthetic fertilisers and has been intensively cultivated to provide a market for synthetic fertilisers. Wheat was cultured from spelt, a grain which can only be grown organically - it has no tolerance for chemical “fertilisers”. Spelt was, in turn, cultured from kamut and kamut, in turn, from pur-pur. Bread made from pur-pur looks, smells, feels and tastes so totally different to bread made from wheat or even spelt that you wouldn’t think that they had anything in common.

Some grains are essential to human health and should, under no circumstances, be treated as though problems are to be expected from eating them. Oats, barley, rye, rice, quinoa, millet and many more are a must for cellular balance. All grains should be consumed in their natural form, i.e. complete with skin (but, normally, not the husk). White rice, for example, is a denatured product from which all minerals and proteins have been removed!

I have tried to make this clear to Dr. Mercola but the only result was that I was, first, re-classified as a danger to human health because I have an opinion differing to Dr. Mercola (those are the actual words used when down-grading my classification) and then all my accounts were deleted and placed upon Dr. Mercola’s blacklist. There are other differences of opinion as well, such as moving mobile phone (Am: cell phone) radiation from your head to your intestines by purchasing Dr. Mercola’s blue tooth device. I thought and still believe this to be a very bad idea and tried to back this up with figures for increased bowel, ovarian and testicle cancers. Preventing the damaging electro smog being formed is, I still maintain, a much better idea. I offered several times to let Dr. Mercola test the Harmony Mini but never received any response.

Returning now to our topic, macrobiotics is not only a set of general principles which you can download free of charge here but can also be used as a healing technique. This latter requires the advice of a consultant who can write your personal healing diet and offer training in the new ways of preparing your food.

A macrobiotic diet does require some re-training and, in the first few months, can be experienced as quite awkward. In time, however, you will have mastered the new ways of doing things and preparing food will be not be perceived as being any more difficult than it is now - it will, however, be very different and you will be much healthier, happier and more intelligent.

Information sources are the Kushi Institute in the USA with European branches and the Macrobiotic Guide in the UK.

There is only one small point which has always puzzled me about macrobiotics. This is the claim by some who try to denigrate it that macrobiotics is “one-sided nutrition”. It is nothing of the sort - it is a scientifically based complete and balanced form of nutrition. Where the idiotic concept of “one-sidedness” came from and why it is repeated without making the least effort to check its veracity I simply do not know. I can only say, from my 30 years’ experience, that the claim is completely and utterly untrue.