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Quantum Possibilities - what is Medicine?

The first thing that we need to consider here is, “Just, exactly, what IS medicine?” It lays claims to great things but is it really capable of delivering?

Let us begin our studies with the world’s oldest and, possibly, most comprehensive dictionary of the English language - The Oxford English Dictionary. Although in less detail, the OED’s American “competitor”, Webster’s Dictionary, gives us the same answer.
Medicine is quite a vague term applied to many quite different activities. To medicine means, “to attempt to change the state of being by the introduction of certain substances to the body.” Within the meaning of the word, “drowning your sorrows” with a large amount of whisky is a form of medicine. The term “Medicine” has, historically, and even today, been applied to lethal poisons.

Medicines are substances developed or intended to bring about specific changes to a human or animal body. Although the term “healing” has been applied to medicine and “medical procedures”, this is completely misleading. Medicine can, at best, be only a small part of a healing procedure or process. A medicine is something which has been developed to buy time for a healing process by reducing a specific symptom but is not and cannot be the healing process itself. Applying a medicine without delivering the healing process is most unlikely to be successful. This explains why conventional medicine is so very expensive for so little benefit.

So, how did something so marginally useful become so powerful? The answer lies in 15th century Papal politics. You can download a detailed history of this here.

Let us try to make this clear with a precise example:

Psoriasis, a disease affecting a very large number of people, is caused, principally, by the consumption of cow dairy produce (milk, butter, cheese, curd, yoghourt, cream etc.). The symptom can be temporarily alleviated by injecting artificial stress hormone (cortisone) but, unless the diet is corrected, the nett result is likely to be severe intestinal problems (Chron’s disease or bowel cancer) or kidney failure. Certainly, the effects of the long-term intake of cortisone are extremely damaging to health in many ways yet, for very many health issues, this is the only remedy offered by conventional medicine.

Telling you to completely remove all traces of cow dairy produce from your diet would resolve your problem but earn the pharmaceutical manufacturers not a single penny. To get around this solution, they simply make sure that doctors of medicine receive no training in nutrition. If they don't know what the solution is then they're not going to let it slip to you, are they?