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Several people have asked that this topic be added to the website. Some have even suggested content, some of which you will find in the sub-points under this heading.

Both the quality and the quantity of that which you eat and drink are, very probably, the deciding factors in whether you remain healthy or become ill. It is certain that, at least, 40% of all illness is directly caused by inappropriate diet. Some claim that this could be as high as 70%. Whilst I can, personally, only substantiate the 40%, I know of no reasonable grounds to dispute the 70% claim. This, of course, explains why nutrition is, mostly, not even mentioned in medical training - human appropriate nutrition would lead to massive reductions in pharmaceutical sales. This ignorance is, then, further exploited by special interest groups in the foodstuffs industry to deliberately mis-inform doctors about diet so as to increase their own sales. Resulting from this “free training” I have heard many doctors declare that one third of your diet should be protein in the form of meat or fish - this is suicide in slow motion!!!

Although a diet of preponderantly meat can permit survival in some extreme climate zones, it is to be noted that the life expectancy there is quite low. We see this even more clearly in 17th century Europe.
Following the final collapse of the feudal system, it became the norm for everyone to eat like a nobleman, i.e. massive amounts of meat and little else. In Shakespeare’s England only the very poorest people “had to eat vegetables”. Result? Life expectancy of 35 - 40 years and outbreaks of bubonic plague every 2 years on average. In point of fact, the Founding Fathers set sail for America much more to escape the plague than for any religious reasons.
From the late 17th century onwards, the general diet became much more balanced, life expectancy increased and bubonic plague disappeared.

Meat is, for the human body, a form of “emergency ration”. Although our digestive and metabolic systems can extract a modicum of nutrition from meat, the indigestible residues (up to 60% of the whole) cause major problems for our egestory and detoxification systems. Meat also causes large problems with our emotional balance and significantly reduces intelligence. This is why the “Elite” don’t like vegetarians - they are often too intelligent to believe government propaganda, join in wars and the like, thus reducing profits for the banking and armaments “industries”.

The general amount of foodstuffs available has risen considerably during the 20th century and industrial air pollution has been drastically reduced. This has resulted in the virtual disappearance of many diseases chronic during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Scarlet fever, smallpox, diphtheria and many more are, nowadays, almost unknown.
Please take carful note: All of these diseases were in serious decline long before any vaccine became available and vaccination made no significant increase to the rate of decline. See the "Infection" page for more on this.

What has also happened is that an ever increasing proportion of our diet is in the form of pre-processed, packaged foodstuffs. These are not only biochemically seriously degraded but, even more significantly, are, informationally, largely indigestible junk. This is the direct cause of the obesity epidemic in much of the First World.

What this denaturing of our food has also created is the modern plague of cancer. At the beginning of the 20th century, a family doctor could expect to see three cases of cancer during his entire professional career. Directly paralleling the increase in processed foodstuffs, we see the rise in cancer.
This should not be in the least surprising - if you keep adding what are, essentially, poisons to your body you must expect it to become ill, or?

Turning this around, if we take cancer sufferers and place them on a strict macrobiotic diet, i.e. human appropriate nutrition, then we should expect the cancers to naturally disappear. This is, in fact, exactly what does happen. Macrobiotic diet alone has a success rate with cancer of 81%. This compares with the medical success rate of 1.3%!

Public “education” has, for many decades, primarily “preached” that the lowest price is what matters. This can only be reached by eliminating quality and the essential nutrients which cannot survive a warehouse and supermarket shelf. “Cheapest is best” is the only thing that is generally taught about foodstuffs.

Let me try to make this a little clearer with this much simpler example. If, instead of petrol (Am: gasoline) you put paraffin (Am: kerosene) in the fuel tank of your car because it is much cheaper, how long would you expect your car to keep running?
Why do you do the same sort of thing to your own body?

During the last couple of decades, a number of “fad” diets have become popular. Some of these, such as the “fruit only” diet although, short term, very useful detoxification methods, are, long term, lethal because so many essential minerals are not present in fruits that your body will, at some point, no longer be able to build the collagens which hold your tissues together.
Some, such as “Food Combining” are actually healing techniques and should not be continued past the point at which the malady for which it was prescribed has been completely eradicated.

There is, further, a most unfortunate, wide-spread tendency to believe in “magical extras” to your normal diet which will cure all ills. This, although it does make heaps of money for the proponents is almost totally useless. It is not single constituents which determine your health but the total balance of everything that you eat and drink.

Long-term successful healing diets are based upon this principle of balance. There are three examples listed in the sub-points of the drop-down index in the navigation bar above.