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Quantum Possibilities - the Placebo Effect

A great many people believe that the Placebo Effect represents proof that some non-medical or non-pharmaceutical technique or preparation don't work. This is not surprising - a very great deal of money (in the Billions of dollars) has been spent to create and to maintain this belief. The reality is, however, very different!

The placebo effect is actually the proof that not only are most medical procedures completely unnecessary but also that the basic concepts upon which pharmaceutical medicine is founded are false. Do you see why so much money has been spent to create false beliefs about this easy to understand phenomenon? Pharmaceutical sales would drop by 90% to 97% were the placebo effect widely understood and the research which this phenomenon compels actually carried out.

Let us begin by taking a very typical test of a new pharmaceutical; the “double blind test”

A number of people having a particular illness or assessed as being at high risk of developing this illness are taken and divided into three groups.
One group of patients will be given the new drug.
One group will be given a sugar pill, salt injection or similar and told that they have been given the new drug.
One group (the control group) will be given nothing at all.

Most commonly, there will be little change in the control group BUT those who were given the drug and those who thought they were being given the drug will show very similar rates of improvement.

Now, we have been most carefully taught to believe that this shows that some people are "stupid" enough to "artificially" create an improvement in their condition by erroneously believing that they had been given something which could force the improvement and that such "cranks" should be ignored.
What it in reality shows, however, is that it is the belief that improvements would occur in BOTH the first and second groups which created the improvement.

In the first group (the ones who were given the "real" drug) those who did not expect to get better remained ill; only those who believed in the "medicine" got better. This shows, incontrovertibly, that it is the belief and not the medicine which creates the improvement, i.e. pharmaceutical drugs are largely not required for any health issue.

Now do you see why the pharmaceutical companies spend billions on creating and maintaining the false belief? Prof. Bruce Lipton has also commented on this in the interview which I had with him on video here.

Now, a placebo is, according to the dictionary, an ineffective something which replaces "the real thing". The question is, "What is the real thing?"

The pharmaceutical conglomerate has spent billions (and continues to do so) on propaganda to convince you that the real thing is the pharmaceutical and everything else is ineffective. What tens of thousands of double blind tests (mostly carried out by pharmaceutical companies in order to get licences for new drugs) clearly show is that it is the belief in getter better which creates the health improvement. In fact, the pharmaceutical drug is the ineffective replacement which has no relevance to health!

Further proof of this is the fact, well known to most family doctors, that around 90% of prescription drugs are never taken and the patient gets better anyway!

Most prescribed drugs actually end up in domestic refuse. This has shown itself in refuse burning facilities where the high concentration of pharmaceutical drugs constitutes an extreme health hazard for personnel working there and special measures have had to be taken to protect them from pharmaceutical poisoning.

How do we, then, identify what is useful and effective and what is a placebo? Were we testing a drug, we could add it to the food of one test group without them knowing it and see what happens. "Unfortunately", from the point of view of the pharmaceutical conglomerate, this shows that the pharmaceutical drug doesn't do anything apart from poisoning a few people and, so, the methodology was rapidly discontinued.

Another possible way is to test upon tissues "in vitro". This means to extract tissues from your body and keep them alive in a nutrient solution in a laboratory. We could then add the pharmaceutical and study the benefits. Unfortunately, most of the cultures die so this methodology has also been dropped by the pharmaceutical conglomerate; the method being declared to be "unreliable."

So, what is the "placebo effect" really? As clearly described by Professor Bruce Lipton in his book "The Biology of Belief", his DVD "Mind over Genes" and in my own book "The Key to Luck", it is your beliefs about your health, wealth and happiness which determine your experiences in these and all other areas of your life.

Real health care can, therefore, only be based upon efforts to re-focus your mind in life affirming and creative ways. Tools and techniques which support this are the most worthwhile investment which anyone can make. Pharmaceutical drugs can and do only hinder such advances.

Two such tools are the Harmony Evolution / Harmony Pendant seen here and the Harmony Headphone set here.

A true revolution in health care by putting you back in control over your own health.