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Quantum Possibilities - radiation

A complex problem made even more complex by the mystery and secretiveness in which it has been shrouded.

The first question to which you, undoubtedly, will want to know the answer is, “What, exactly, is nuclear radiation?” The answer is, “nobody knows.” There are a number of interesting and, sometimes, conflicting theories none of which has been proven.

One of the very few facts that we do know is that some types of nuclear radiation are very damaging to organic systems, including the human body. What we also know is that this damage is very relative.
- A special diet can increase dramatically your resistance to radiation damage. Nobody knows quite why.
- Alfalfa sprouts alone can also grant a certain level of immunity as can some other herbs.
- The only ones who survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki unscathed were the Zen Buddhist monks. One speculates that this could be due to their extremely ordered life style and, especially, to their very ordered thought processes which, as we have already seen, have a direct effect upon the physical body. It is this well-practiced order which may have enabled them to resist the extreme chaos of nuclear radiation.
- There is further, anecdotal evidence to this point:

Back in 2006, Dr. Stevens had organised a talk in Kelowna, Canada which I was to give about the Harmony Technology. At that time I was not aware that, when you take a flight in a commercial aeroplane, due to the increased intensity of radiation at those altitudes, your personal radiation count will increase 2 to 3 fold. Over the following 2 - 5 days the excess will gradually dissipate.
Dr. Stevens met me at the airport and took me straight to her laboratory. She knew that I had, over the previous 17 days, 14 flights behind me. She wanted to measure just how high my excess radiation was. Normally, only airline crew get that level of exposure and they are actively discouraged from participating in such tests.

So, just how high was my excess radiation? 5 times, 10 times, 20 times?

The answer was zero! Even after Dr. Stevens had tested and recalibrated her equipment, it remained stubbornly at zero.


What was I doing which gave me a level of immunity similar to that of Zen Buddhist monks?
I was wearing a Harmony Evolution. That’s all!
It’s the same principle of coherent order.

If your system, i.e. your body, mind and spirit are a coherent whole then it is very difficult to bring them out of order. If, however, they are very disjointed, confused and chaotic then they will rapidly go into resonance with chaotic energy and take up lots of radiation.

What wearing a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant will do, over a few weeks of constant wearing, is to bring your entire system into a state of high order and coherence. Quite apart from the other benefits in health and awareness, this will, as we have seen in Dr. Stevens’s laboratory, endow a high level of resistance to damage from nuclear radiation.

So, what else will help?
Chi Qong
Hatha & Raja Yoga
Shamanism - see Little Grandmother who has done a lot of work on this
There are even some mantra which will help
Anything which contributes to inner order and coherence will help

There are even some technologies which can neutralise the effects of nuclear radiation if applied soon enough following exposure. Quite why such technologies find no welcome in, for example, Fukushima is a question to which I, at this time, have no answer.

Some years ago, two german engineers discovered (or, perhaps, re-discovered) transmutation and offered the german government a cheap solution to the problem of nuclear waste - transmute it to something harmless. At the behest of those who give the orders to the german government, the offer was rejected out of hand as it would have eliminated the highly profitable nuclear waste storage industry.

The real solution, however, is close down all reactors, transmute the fuel rods into lead, monatomic gold and platinum and bring the free energy machines back into constant usage.

Now, a great deal of effort has been expended in creating a public conception that free energy is a maybe, sometime technology: It isn’t. There are many millions of fully functional free energy machines spread across the planet. There are more than ten million in South Africa alone. Many of these machines have been functioning for more than 200,000 years!!!
What is missing is not the free energy technology but merely the transformer technology which can use the Taurus flows generated to produce electricity etc. This is a much, much simpler undertaking. Converting a known energy form into another known energy form relies upon existing technologies. Creating an unknown energy form out of an unknown source is many orders of magnitude more difficult requiring the invention of completely new technologies.

The only obstacle to the use of free energy is the vested interests of the energy cartel. So, don’t obey them, make your own energy. Many engineers know how but have not been aware that the energy source was available. Talk to them