Quantum Possibilities

Quantum Possibilities - Sleep

Although this is a very large subject, much of which is covered in the Insomnia handbook, I have been moved to write this page by a somewhat unpleasant experience in what is called “Three Country Corner” where the borders of Austria, Germany and Switzerland meet at a large lake called “Bodensee”. Actually, the borders have never been precisely fixed because the three governments have never been able to agree to a date, time and place to meet to resolve the matter. Thus have things stood for more than half a century and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone; people walk, float or drive to and fro across the vague border without anyone asking the whys and wherefores thereof.

This part of Europe prides itself on being very bio-conscious. I have actually been to one village which has a bio whole-food shop but no supermarket! Not surprisingly, much of the accommodation offered in this tourist area tells you how close your nearest bio-restaurant, whole-food shop etc. is.

In April 2015 I rented a self-catering flat (Am: apartment) for a few days. As expected, the website tells you how bio the accommodation is, that there is not only a supermarket with a large selection of bio vegetables but even a bio-bakery in the same village. Trusting that this bio consciousness would carry through into the accommodation itself, I took the flat. First impressions were somewhat disappointing as the flat was not spectacularly clean (that means, in American that it was quite dirty). The crunch came, however, when I went to bed.

The pillows were of the cheapest shredded polyurethane foam, the duvet of 100% plastic and, just to make matters completely intolerable, the duvet cover was made of microfibres - the same stuff that you use to clean dead insects off your car windscreen.

Why, apart from the most unpleasant feel of this fabric, does this matter?

It occurred to me that, probably, very many people with sleep problems simply do not know just how important this is. Who is going to tell them? The bedding manufacturers?

The human body constantly radiates energy. Some of this energy needs to dissipate very rapidly. This is why, when you’ve processed and released the papal indoctrination, it is so much more comfortable to sit around naked; just as was normal in the early Bible stories. During the night, when your body moves much less and, therefore, generates much less heat, some covering can be useful to prevent the low body temperature which would wake you up. As long as these are natural fibres, there is no problem - the detoxification frequencies that your body needs to get rid of, pass through such material without a problem. The infra-red (warming) frequencies, however, are reflected back and so you sleep comfortably.
This 100% plastic composite, however, reflects back all frequencies causing not only over-heating but, even more importantly, giving your cells the feeling of being poisoned. They, in turn, wake you up to do something about it.

After my first night, in which I was constantly awakened by this effect, I drove to a bio-bedding shop and bought myself a duvet made out of 100% woollen flock in a 100% cotton case, a pillow in a similar material and a satin duvet cover.
Guess how I slept the next night.

Could this be your sleep problem? Natural fibres such as wool, cotton, down, camel hair, etc. cased in cotton and with cotton or linen bedsheets may make a very considerable difference to your sleep.