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Quantum Possibilities - Epigenetics

For more than 60 years, in all medical schools throughout the First World, the “Central Dogma” has formed the basis of medical teachings.

Dogma, we must note, is a required belief which it is a crime to question. Historically, we know this best from the persecution, imprisonment and execution of unorthodox, independent thinkers carried out by the Catholic Church, especially since the year 1484.

The Central Dogma of medical teaching is that of “Genetic Determinism”, i.e. that genes create and control everything.
In later pages on this website (see the “Genetics” tab) we will see how little this dogma has to do with scientific reality.

Medical teaching also has many other dogmas for which there is little or no scientific support:
The symptoms are the problem - don’t look deeper
Psychiatric medicine
and more
So much so that it is a reasonable statement to declare that modern, allopathic medicine is not a science but a religion!

In the 1980’s a new view of the structure and function of the human body came to the fore. This is the science of Epigenetics.
Epigenetics (above the genes) answers many of the questions which the “Central Dogma” makes it a crime to ask. It shows a completely different world to the robot like machines proposed by Isaac Newton and, unlike conventional medicine, is in accord with the world as we daily experience it. Epigenetics has taken consciousness and free will away from the dogmas of organised religions and given them a solid, scientific base.

One of the best known researchers, speakers and authors in the field of Epigenetics is Professor Bruce Lipton PhD whose books are written, primarily, for the open minded public rather than the scientific community.
The Scottish journalist, Lynne McTaggart has also written a number of most edifying books in this field as well as publishing a regular magazine entitled “What Doctors don’t tell you

Those who wish to know where modern science (as opposed to religious dogma) is taking us would be well advised to read these two authors.